Guest Uploads Page - Duluth Harborcam Galleries

Guest Uploads Page - Take your best shot!

Welcome to the Duluth Harborcam Guest Upload Galleries.

I hope you to enjoy your visit to the Northand through the lenses of the harborcams and would love it if you shared with the rest of us what we may have missed. 

Here are the instructions for uploaded your own images.

What to upload - Images taken of a webcam view or if you visit in person.

Snap a photo from the webcams 

       1. (easiest) go to "Full Screen" mode and use your phone to snap a photo of the webcam display. 

       2. Use a screen capture program to grab a photo of a webcam scene.

       3. "Right Click" and "Save As"  on an image from the snapshots page on

Edit image (not required)

Use the editing program of your choice to crop and straighten the image.

 Upload to the Snapshot Gallery.       

       1. Click on the following link or on the upload button.  UPLOAD LINK

       2. Upload your image

Enter Title, Caption, your name and other info into the fields in the lower left corning of the screen.   

Alternatively, After your image has uploaded, go to the comments section and add your name, location and any remark you wish to share.

That's it -- give it a try

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